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Updated: Apr 25

Couture Bakes is a bespoken couture dessert studio based in Melbourne, Australia. They specialise in all things sweet! Their products are baked fresh to order! The lovely owners pride themselves on ensuring that their bakes taste as good they look.

To find the right baker for your special occasion is so difficult in a world of so many choices, the expensive of it all and to think up an idea of style and taste! Most cake bakers have a specialty, some are butter cream experts, some do magic with fondant and others do incredible banana or carrot cakes. Our TIP: would be to ask the local businesses what they specialise in! In saying this, don't always necessarily choose the type of cake they do all the time...

Start Early - when looking for the right cakes, we suggest taste testing! (trust us, it is a GREAT way to spend an afternoon....tasting cakes) Who said event/wedding planning had to be boring and stressful?!

When figuring out decorations for the cake, you don't have to leave it all up to the baker! Many florists have cake toppers and designs to compliment your cake and to match any other decorations or bridal bouquet. Many times, the florist can use left over flowers from your bouquets to make the cake topper or spread.

Depending on the time of year, make sure you consider where the cake is going to sit out for a while, particularly in the outdoors. No one wants melted butter cream or whipped cream or meringue. Consider requesting the butter cream is made with water and not milk to reduce the amount of dairy to assist in transporting and hot weather!

If you want to know more...check out the below links to everything about Couture Bakes!

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COUTURE BAKES  M : +61404684119  W : www.couturebakes.com.au I   : www.instagram.com/couturebakes  : www.facebook.com/couturebakesau



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