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Updated: Apr 25

Surprisingly, people ask very limited questions sometimes when it comes to catering and are often caught out on costs involved with things like staff (when all they thought were ordering was food).

Believe it or not, sometimes having an onsite chef can save you money. How? Well everyone always overestimates the amount of food needed (whether this be because they aren’t sure on how much food there will be, the portion sizes or the amount of people actually attending). Having an onsite chef will allow the catering company to only cook the amount of food needed (saving you on the costs of overestimating the number of platters). This will also guarantee the food is fresh and will leave guests with a lasting impression of the food being freshly prepared and still hot.

So what do you actually need before you start requesting quotes? Well, often you will need an attending number, actually how many people do you expect to be showing up. Noting that caterers will need these final numbers closer to the date (so keep that in mind in chasing RSVP’s). You will need to know the style of food, being canapes or sit down meal and also your budget. Browse through website, get familiar with what is on offer.

Download a useful starter Checklist on our Tips & Tricks page that has a few more things you should consider when organising catering!

TIP ALERT! : Have you got a mixture of kids and adults attending your party? If the site permits, take a trip to your local Aldi or Costco and buy bulk nuggets, pies and sausage rolls for the kids. Cook these onsite and that saves you spending money on professional catering for kids (who will no doubt complain and not eat anything fancier than the delicacies mentioned above). This also allows you to order fancy platters for the adults rather than trying to please everyone!

There are so many considerations with catering and what is best suited to your event. This can be consideration of the potential guests attending, the demographic of attendees, the purpose of the event, dietary requirements, the style of the event (people arriving at different times, banquet or canapes)…see what I mean?!

We recommend you book in a consultation with us so that we can walk through a few of these that are personalised to your event!



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