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DIY Reptile Party Planning

Updated: Apr 25

Designing a reptile party doesn't have to be expensive or overwhelming, there are little things that you can create yourself to help bring the party to life! I teamed up with some talented vendors in the Brisbane region to bring Levi's 5th birthday to life. For your benefit, I have put together a list of things we did to design this reptile party.

Here are some tips on where your money is best spent :

1. Food Vendors

Spending a little money on someone who can create an atmosphere just with their food is simply the best money spent! Saves you time to focus on other crafty things to add to the party. The below delightfully tasty spread was created by Blackout Coffee and Catering. The best thing about a #Reptileparty is that you can easy elements to any spread such as snake gummy lollies, sour worms, red frogs and redskins to add the REPTILE element to tasty food.

Now you can't pass up on a crazy cake and cupcakes to add to your dessert spread of course! Spending a bit of money on a cute cake will always be memorable, after all, there is a whole ceremony of singing and blowing out candles centered around it! This incredible cake was made by Sprinkles Cakes and Cupcakes and can we just take a moment to appreciate this absolute art?! Needless to say, Levi was extremely excited!

2. Party Printables (of course!)

Purchasing some custom made party printables to add to your party is a great way to bring a sophisticated, personalised look to every element of the party. Best of all, when you purchase the digital files and have them printed you can sit back and watch some Netflix while putting it together! (I know you needed an excuse). They come ready for print and are easy to assemble. I had the pleasure of creating all the printables for Levi's 5th Birthday!

3. Entertainment

With a theme like Reptiles you can't pass up on having some real life reptiles at the party! This also alleviates some time from you entertaining all the kids. Bring in some reptile experts with their friends and watch the kids enjoy every minute of holding and learning about these creatures.

However, if you are looking for a DIY entertainment option that is a little cheaper than hiring a professional reptile handler, then I also have you covered. How about creating a station where the kids can decorate a box each and take home their very own lizard?! It is something that will keep them occupied, and they get to take home a little gift.

You can purchase little boxes from the cheap shops that each child can decorate with some papers, glues, stickers and markers. Purchase some of the cheap soft fake lizards that they can choose from and a label so they can write the lizards name on the front of the box! It's a little craft project that will take a few minutes to set up but the kids will love it!

4. Backdrops and Decorations

Now you can go over the top and purchase everything because there are so many incredible vendors that can turn a backyard into a movie scene. However, for many of us there is a budget. I have found spending some money on the following items is how to create a similar look for less than half the price:

(a) Cheap backdrops from Kmart of cheap shops just the Reject Shop or even Amazon. The one used at Levi's Reptile Party was $30 from Kmart and it created the perfect leafy scene background for the snack table!

(b) Rubber snakes and Reptiles can be found for cheap at stores like Kmart, the Reject Shop, Choice Discounts and more. Hang them from the backdrop, lay them around the snacks table, hang them from the ceiling! These little critters are a couple of bucks each but will add a scaly feel to the whole party.

(c) Balloons! Now if you don't have the budget for Helium, you can still work with normal balloons in a colour scheme and tie them to the backdrop as a border or along the bottom of the snack table. Cheap, colourful, in theme and adds another element to the whole Reptile party look. I used greens and oranges to bring out the reptile colours.

(d) Cutlery. While I know that many parties may not need it, but this extra little element of wooden looking straws with our straw toppers and the wooden cutlery added to this spread just brought about a sense of elegance, jungle and reptile to the table. They can be bought from Kmart as well (I am seeing a theme here).

I hope these tips help you out with your next Reptile party! They can be adopted to any theme really, especially when you are DIYing most of it. If you need any custom printables made for your special day, then send me an email and I will get in touch.



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