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Fall Goals

Updated: Apr 25

To all my peeps from Australia, yes I have grown into the habit of calling Autumn, ‘Fall’. My husband is American and it’s difficult not to catch on to words! ‘Trash’ is also coming up a lot… To my American followers, this might sound funny, but your English is different to ours in so many ways!

Anyway, we are walking into the Fall season, and while the trees don’t change colour and the leaves don’t drop, I like to think that there is a little bit of magic floating through the air. The jeans come out and the sweaters are almost on their way. I light up my pine scented candle and try to imagine the change in scenery that much of the northern hemisphere experiences when the seasons change.

+ I have a 90th Birthday booked in, 40th in the making, 21st just gone and charity events popping up… we are getting there little business! I am hoping that the change in weather will help me revive my business and get my brand out there a little bit more. Do you have any suggestions? Drop them by my social media pages.

+ So far this year I have joined with a few new vendors which is really exciting! I am hoping to stretch this to some vendors that cater to parties (more so than weddings) so that I have a great variety for whoever my client is! If you are a vendor reading this, drop me a line!

+ My husband and I have also been on the hunt for the perfect solution in building a house. It has been a struggle and a huge and long drawn out process, but hoping in the end it will be extremely rewarding! Maybe the Fall season is when all that happens…who knows.

I have been following a lot of inspiring Instagram accounts lately, they are all inspiring in their own ways. Here are my inspirations for the Fall:

@thestyleroom @agirlandagluegun @RosalynneLove @styled_by_emilia

I love them all for different reasons, some inspire me in business, some in life and some in motivation. Send me some of your favourite accounts to check out! I love supporting fellow small businesses.

Thank you all for reading!!

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