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Hand poured candles by Ivy & Gwen

Updated: Apr 25

We love hearing from amazing vendors!! Whether you love candles as gifts, or want a personal touch to wedding favours, or even just to decorate the beautiful tables at a dinner party. We can attest to the incredible small business, personally made candles of Ivy & Gwen.

Ivy & Gwen is born from the desire to create an individual range of aroma-therapeutic candles and diffusers. Our vast collections are created with love and passion. Our candles are individually hand-poured using 100% soy wax that gives a long ecofriendly burn.

This is the luxurious range of themed and personalised candles, boho-chic designs and chakra love with an array of ambient scents, aromatic healing and divine flavours. The true eclectic mix and perfect representation of our flair and exquisite taste.

We pride ourselves on personal expression and our value of emotional enhancing properties, such as crystals, essential oils, positive affirmations and invigorating fragrances that all combine to create a cosy atmosphere with the warm effervescent candle light.

Designed for any occasion and for any setting, your desire may be to relax, excite, set the mood or add to the décor look for your room, home, office or special event!

With each and every one of our uniquely crafted candles, you will create memories that not only light up your space- they will light up your world!


The Ivy & Gwen story began with a love story that blossomed in 2012. Co-founders, Byron and Chantell met where the Pilbara sun sets over the red sand horizon in Western Australia. They both shared a life enjoying the earth, water, peace and tranquillity.

After many adventures travelled, their value of health and happiness took them to sunny Queensland to create beautiful memories and connections.

Together, they came up with the idea to build a business to inspire others to create magical moments.

Doing what wasn’t exactly known, until the birth of their daughter, when it all hit home!

Ivy & Gwen was born!


Inspired by our beautiful baby girl, Ivy Gwen, our candle range is designed to create moments worth sharing with family and friends.

Ivy is the first name of our daughter and her middle name is Gwen.

Gwen was my nanna and was very dear to me. I love having a reminder of someone who was very close to my heart.

Together, Ivy & Gwen is authentic and true with a childlike spirit and a wise old soul.

This name epitomises the core of who we are combined. As a family, we give you love from our heart and soul.

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