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Party Planner vs Event Planner - It's cut throat!

Updated: Apr 25

This is a topic that many ‘Event Planners’ seem to have an issue with. I’ve read many blog posts about distinguishing between Event Planner and Party Planner as though they are completely different. While this may not be a popular opinion, I think they can be used fairly interchangeably in many circumstances.

I use the term interchangeably because I consider myself to be both. While my main focus is on mums and women who want to host parties (whether it be kids birthdays, luncheons, bridal showers or baby showers), however, I am also experienced in corporate events.

Party Planners – People who assist in planning, orgnaising and hosting social parties.

Event Planners – People who assist in planning, organizing and coordinating corporate and commercial events such as award ceremonies, seminars, conferences and panels (I guess "Wedding Planners" are in their own category too).

In saying this, have you heard of the ‘Creative at Heart’ conference in America? I would say that creative party planners rather than event planners (using the above differentiations) would be more suitable to hosting an event such as this. Do you see what I mean?!

I think that people who are event or party planners can specialize in a field. Booking a consultation or explaining what celebration or event you are hosting will assist in finding the right person for you.

(To confuse you just that little bit more) In addition to this, there are also venue coordinators. Venue coordinators oversee the on-site staff, to make sure they are fulfilling their contractual obligations as employees such as serving food on time, setting up tables etc. A lot of times, the venue coordinator is not there for the duration of the event. However, an event planner would be an external person (such as myself) who coordinates all the vendors (including the venue) and ensures that the day runs smoothly for everyone involved, and not just ensuring the venue staff are working.

Does that make sense?

Bottom line for me is, if you are looking at hosting an event/party then contact a person whose social media first catches your eye. Once you meet a person and discuss your options, you will find out quickly if they are the right fit for you. And it’s true, we all specialise in different areas, however don’t let that deter you! Make a booking, think it out and listen to your heart.

Either way...both types of planners need COFFEE!



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