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Photographer, professional or disaster?

Updated: Apr 25

We've all heard the stories, photographer doesn't turn up, photographer never delivered the photos, photographer's quality wasn't as advertised or they cancel at the last minute, leaving you stranded. For the amount of money usually charged, you expect professionalism, quality and well...the photos.

Photos are how many people keep memories fresh in their minds. Having a trusted, professional and creative photographer is essential to any event. Not only this, you need to be able to connect with your photographer as this often shines through the photos.

Here's a list of tips to try and get the most out of the photographer for your event!


One of our major tips when booking a photographer is to meet with them in person first (before you book). We understand this is not always easy to find time to do, however, it is important. If your photographer doesn’t understand your personality sometimes it is difficult to capture it in candid moments!

Just having coffee with them and seeing if you fit personality wise actually goes a long way and puts you at ease. If you've met in person and create a rapport with your photographer, they will likely go out of their way on the day since they have already met you. It saves you time introducing yourself on the day and you can let them get right to work!

We have a lot of questions to ask photographers when booking for clients. Book a consultation with us and we can go through them!


​You need to ask questions! It's not rude, they should be expecting them! Ask them everything you can think of...ask them questions about their experience, whether they have photographed at your location before and ask to see their past work.


It is good practice to check in approximately 4 weeks out of your event (particularly weddings) just to ensure that everything is on track and confirmed. This will give you peace of mind and act as a reminder to the photographer (not that they should need one!).


It is not rude to make requests on the day of the event. If you feel like you want photographs of certain people, or candid shots, or just have the photographer follow you around a bit taking photos, just make those requests! Normally a photographer will just continue taking photographs of people at the event until you request specific shots!

We find it is sometimes easier to walk up to the photographer and request a specific photo of you and a group of people and they will shout it out (among the noise of the wedding guests usually) and make it happen. It is difficult to round people up for photos as well as be in the photos, so have your photographer work for it!

Little Wedding Tip: It is nice to ask the photographer to follow you and your partner around while you are just walking and talking and laughing...those candid photos will end up being your favorite!


It is important to send your photographer a list of photos that you definitely want. This is particularly so with weddings so that no-one misses out. Have a list of family photos wanted (i.e. Mum, dad and siblings of each partner, just the cousins!, school friends, etc). Or for just any event, maybe you want certain speakers to have a photograph or the entertainment or candid table shots, you name it...list it! Trust us, it will save you worrying about it on the day and you will be thankful for one less thing to think of!

There are many things to remember to ask and understand with a photographer before booking. We are here to assist you in this decision or choose someone for you that we think would be great at capturing your event. There are many types of photographers that specialise in different areas such as weddings, corporate events, social events and lifestyle.

We are happy to assist you in booking your photographer for your event!

Contact us for further information or book your free initial consultation.



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