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Run Sheets or Run Wild?

Updated: Apr 25

As an event planner, I am asked all the time ‘What is a run sheet?’ and to be honest, it is something I thought everyone knew (maybe that is my own naivety or my overzealous need to be organised). Whenever I reply to a comment on social media about sending a Run Sheet Template, I am inundated with numerous requests!

A run sheet can be used for small weddings, to large gatherings and for commercial events. It is a document that is essentially an ‘everything you need to know on the Day’ sheet of information. A Run sheet is basically whatever you make it. When I am using them for larger events, I ensure that I have an order of the day (down to the minute) so that I know exactly what is supposed to be happening when. Unless you have a photographic memory or are a superhuman, I guarantee you that this will save you in a time of panic.

Sometimes it depends on the type of event you are running. For example, if it is a corporate event, it is always a good idea to also have a list of sponsors and the main contact at each sponsor company. I also print out copies of speeches (just in case) and walk around with post its or paper to hand notes to people if needed. For fundraisers where I am working with a great bunch of volunteers, I also add a list of responsibilities and a task list for the day so that I know who to talk to about the different aspects of the event. So there are many tailored options as well depending on what you are hosting!

After I have set out the timing of everything, I make sure that I have a list of contacts on the back page (this includes all the vendors, clients and back up contacts). If anything goes wrong, I need to know who to contact and fast. For example, you arrive at the venue at 9.45am (early, obviously), you have several other vendors due to arrive at 10.05am and the venue has not unlocked the door and turned off the alarm so that you can enter and begin preparations…where do you look before having a minor meltdown? To the back page of contacts on your run sheet of course!

Is the catering due to be served in 1 hour and you haven’t heard from them as to whether they are running late? No problem, flick to the back page and give them a call!

Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Having a Run Sheet to keep you on track and allow you to keep everyone else on track is an extremely useful tool when you are running around on the day and organising several vendors and also answering numerous questions from guests (or sometimes random patrons of a venue) because you ‘look like you know what you’re doing’. No sir, I don’t work here, but the bathroom is down the hall and to the left, can’t miss it.

Check out our ‘Tips and Tricks’ page for more information and the FREE download of the Run Sheet template. Just remember, this is a guide only – personalise it yourself or book a consultation with us to help you through it.



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