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Timing – How far in advance do I plan?

Updated: Apr 25

Well, this is the age old question and depends on numerous things. How big is the event? How many people? Are you fussy? If you are going to be picky about every detail, you should probably start early. If you just have a general idea of what you might like, but are flexible, then you can probably leave it a little later.

Weddings, I would generally advise about 12 months in advance (despite the fact that I got engaged in December, returned home from America in late January and got married in August). I stressed a lot of Vendors out doing this – especially the dressmaker who said to me they need at LEAST 6 months to order in the dress and organise fittings. However, I have never been one of those people who stress about events – you just have to take it how it comes, and often, it just adds to the day! For example, my husband prepared the music to all parts of the ceremony and reception the day before the wedding (when you think about it, WORST case scenario, someone could play music off their phone, big deal right?).

Birthdays, I would recommend sending out invitations about 2 months before if it is a large birthday, or about 6 weeks before for a normal birthday event. If you are booking a restaurant or a function room they will often have their own time frames as to how far in advance numbers need to be confirmed, so make sure you look at that! What some people don’t realise is the amount of detail that goes into planning an event (hence, I can have a job in event/party planning).

To those who think that it is just organising some food for the day and some nice table cloths, you will have a rude awakening about a week out when you no longer have time to order off EBay and pay a $1 for 100 fairy lights instead of $30 in an Australian store.

In saying that, just today (Tuesday) I have been asked “How do I cover up walls in a garage to make it look like a nice party room?”…oh did I mention the party is on this Friday and it’s a 21st? Don’t worry folks, I have thought of a solution – keep a look out on our Instagram @makeityoursevents to find out our solution.

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