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When all you need is a Venue

Updated: Apr 25

Venues are the number one consideration when hosting an event, whether its a birthday, anniversary or wedding, the most thought should go into the venue. Themes are great, decorations make a difference, but if your venue fails or pulls up short then you're in trouble.

We have a lot of considerations for choosing a venue. Most people have in mind the number of guests and the theme they are going for before looking into venues.

Below you will find a few things to look at when choosing different types of venues. It's important to choose a venue that speaks to your theme/style even without decorations, leaving the decoration to just enhance the surrounds.


Mountain venues are becoming popular with access to beautiful park areas as well as cottage/barn style halls and complete package deals. These venues are often used for weddings with many including both a chapel for the ceremony and reception hall.

While the views and photographs are beautiful, there are other considerations that need to be thought about with mountain venues such as transport, timing, delivery of vendor equipment and accessibility.

There are many parks and other locations in the mountains that are available for events as well. There are many retreats and parks that will allow you to host an event. If you would like further information in relation to venues in the mountains that are not wedding related, please contact us and we can discuss options!


Beach venues are popular in the warm sunny weather of Queensland, Australia. However, they come with their ups and downs! Beach events are risky for both weather and photos. However, if you have a plan B venue (or for a wedding an indoors reception), these risks can often be avoided. Don’t give up on your dream beach setting without a fight!

If you do plan to have an event on the beach, make sure that you check with any local authorities about restrictions and cordoning off sections given it is public access. There are many beautiful ways to set up an event on the beach, including a small canopy, white chairs and even an aisle for a wedding. Overcast days for a beach wedding are perfect for photography – so if you wake up to an ordinary day, just remember, at least no one will be squinting!


Indoor venues are a safe option particularly during the summer months where thunderstorms are frequent (at least here in Australia). Indoor venues can come in many shapes and sizes and there is a wide variety available all around Brisbane depending on what you require!

Given the vast number of types of venues in this category, we will list only a couple of types of options. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to email us and we can provide you with more personalised and specific information to suit you.

Indoor venues are great for all occasions and can consist of the following different types:

  • School halls (versatile, often set up with a stage, sound and projector as well as school facilities and tables and chairs). School Halls are a great blank canvas to inspire your creative side!

  • Barns – there are a great number of barns available for hire around the greater Brisbane region that give you the rustic feel – whether it be for a bush dance or a rustic themed wedding, these barns are often versatile and don’t require too much decoration to jazz them up given their very nature!

  • Community Halls – these venues are great for trivia nights, birthdays and also weddings! Community Halls often come with a great room, lighting, sound equipment and sometimes a canteen.

  • Function Rooms – Many bars and hotels have a whole host of function rooms to be utilised for any type of event, whether it be a sit down luncheon or a cocktail party. Many of these types of rooms come with drink packages, comfortably furnished rooms and function staff to assist in the management of your event. Even local bars have great function rooms and often and events manager that can help you decide on many aspects of the event!

Each indoor venue comes with different things to consider, for example alcohol licenses, onsite facilities and any restrictions with parking or even sometimes decorations.


Park venues for events are fantastic as they create an opportunity for the host to create a unique style and allow people to bring their own alcohol or plate to share. Gardens make for beautiful photographs being surrounded by trees that you can hang fairy lights from and create an outdoor escape.

To point out the obvious, these garden or park events also come with the risk of weather. To have a Plan B for these types of events is a necessity, even if this is to have a bunch of clear umbrellas on standby. Marquees often come with sides that can be pulled down in case of an adverse weather event, which is extremely helpful!

We provide specialized services and advice to help you with choosing a venue! Check out our Tips & Tricks page to find a free download of questions to ask your Venue! These are just some that we advise our clients, everything gets tailored at our consultations to look specifically at your venue.



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